Christmas is fast approaching, the days are shorter, the temperature is dropping down, and we are more susceptible to feeling under the weather, thus resulting in us finding solace in comfort food and plenty of central heating…

Unfortunately winter is the worst time of year for our skin, fluctuating temperatures, less UV light, Christmas parties and copious amounts of wine and chocolate begin to take their toll; resulting in;                                      

* Dehydration

* Loss of barrier function (increased sensitivity)                                                                        

* Increased appearance of fine lines

* Dull, tired skin.


To ensure our skin stays hydrated, plump and bright throughout the winter months we need to work at it from different angles, from using the right skin care products to eating the right food…

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*Soothe and hydrate dry, tired skin with regular facials.

*Intensive hydration booster treatments to penetrate the skin with direct hyaluronic acid which will attract moisture and bind it to the skin.

*In the winter products with silicones are a life saver-creating invisible shields to protect against the elements.

* Look for products which contain a high level of hyaluronic acid which holds 1000 times its weight in water.

* It is vital to exfoliate twice a week to increase cell turnover and slough away dry, flaky skin.

* For plump, hydrated skin we can add a Dermalogica serum or the Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil to the skin leaving it dewy and protected all day.

* Finally using a nourishing masque 1-2 times a week will be the drink of water our skin will crave- Dermalogica’s Multi-Vitamin Masque is our hero masque!

* Ensure that you keep hydrated on the inside by drinking 2 litres of water every day

* Stay away from foods high in sugar as these break down collagen-thus resulting in poor elasticity

* Avocados are high in healthy fats, and will add much needed moisture- leaving skin supple.

* Oily fish- high in Omega-3, this can reduce inflammation in the skin and reduce redness, retain moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

* Cucumbers- silica is found in water rich vegetables can increase moisture leading to skin elasticity.


Radiance’s Hydration Boosting Treatments

Winter Rescue Express Facial                         Intense 30 Minute Hydration Shot

Nourishing cleanse                                              Nourishing cleanse

Intensive Dermalogica exfoliation                     Intensive chemical exfoliation

Hydration colloidal massage                             CACI intensive moisture masque with

Hydrating face masque                                       CACI micro current to enhance results

Hand & foot massage

50 mins £29                                                           30 mins £29


Offers end November 30th 2016, Limited Space available-Please quote ‘Internet Offer’ at time of booking.