Hollistic Therapies

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Price From : £50

Duration : 45 mins

Benefits :

  • Relaxation
  • Improvement of Your Nerve Functions
  • Improvement In Your Brain Power
  • Increased blood circulation in your body
  • Eliminating toxins
  • Boosting Your Metabolism & Energy Level
  • Helps prevent migraines, headaches and back pain
  • Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia

Holistic treatments use the idea that all of our body parts are intrinsically connected, and that the health of one part of the body can be benefitted from overall health in the rest of the body. Therefore, holistic massages don’t just focus on one part of our body. For example, if you have a problem with your knee, a holistic massage will help the overall health of your entire body.

Holistic massages use various strokes and methods to benefit the entire body. Your masseuse may also use aromatherapy and other oils to enhance the therapy experience.

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Additional Treatment Information


What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapy in which the therapist uses their thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the client’s feet and/or hands.

How Does Reflexology Work?

Reflexologists believe that the feet mirror the body. All organs, systems and glands of the body can be mapped onto areas of the feet called reflex points. A reflexologist knows how to stimulate the reflex points in order to bring about a response in the corresponding part of the body.

Reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese theory that energy is flowing all around our bodies. If the energy can flow freely then we are balanced and healthy. If the energy is obstructed, illness may result.

A qualified reflexologist believes they can feel crystal deposits on the feet and hands which could indicate areas of sluggish energy flow. A reflexologist would work these areas with the intention to break down the deposits and restore energy flow thus enabling the body to get rid of toxic waste products and heal itself.

£50 45 mins

Indian Head Massage

What is Indian head massage?

Indian head massage, also known as champissage, is a treatment that focuses on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck, and shoulders, often using circular massage strokes to improve hair and scalp condition.

It originates from an Indian alternative medicine system called Ayurveda, (translated as the ‘science of life’), whereby it is believed that the mind and body are intricately connected and thus can influence one another. Through this theory, it is understood that Indian head massage can not only reduce headaches and improve physical well-being, but it can also improve mental and emotional wellness too.

 45 mins £50

Hopi Ear Candle

What is Hopi Ear Candling?

This holistic therapy is used primarily to relieve conditions of the ear, nose and throat. Not only is the treatment beneficial for the upper respiratory tract but also for the circulatory and lymphatic system, making it a whole body treatment.

What can Hopi Ear Candling help with?

  • Sinusitis
  • Wax blockage
  • Glue Ear
  • Snoring
  • Barotrauma’s suffered by frequent flyers and divers
  • Tension headache
  • Hay fever
  • Neuralgia

£50 45 mins

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