female face with wrinkles on her forehead

Many of us are aware of the main causes of premature ageing on our skin from UV rays to smoking, but there is one sneaky molecule that most of us consume on a daily basis…sugar!  We know that sugar is not great for our waistline or our oral health, but what is the fine line between sugar and ageing?

The health of our collagen and elastin is paramount when it comes to youthful skin…they are like the filler and springs of a mattress, hence why when the elastin becomes damaged the skin begins to sag.

When sugar enters the body it contributes to creating the glucose which provides energy for our cells during the glycation process, this causes them to react with proteins (such as collagen).  Once the sugar has reacted with the collagen it then forms Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) which is responsible for cross-linking our collagen, thus resulting in loss of elasticity and making it more difficult for our skin to ‘snap’ back into place.

Ingredients which create ‘sugar traps’

As well as reducing the level of sugar in our diets there are certain ingredients in our skin care products which create ‘sugar traps’ and will protect our collagen health…


Soy Proteins

Arginine/Lysine polypeptide

Finally, to help rectify the effects of the sweet stuff we can enhance our skin health and reverse some of the damage by using retinol based products, and having some muscle tightening treatments which will leave the skin smooth, lifted and on the path to youthful skin…