Most of us know the risks which are associated with too much sun, but it is inevitable that when the sun decides to make an appearance we will make the most of it, unfortunately for many of us this will result in sore, sunburnt skin!  The pain and redness will eventually go away, but what deep damage is left behind?


If we are sunburnt five times or more at any stage of our lives then we double the chance of developing melanoma!

If we do not protect our skin from UV rays it can lead to;

  • Premature aging
  • Hyper pigmentation (brown spots)
  • Hypo pigmentation (white spots)
  • Health concerns such as skin cancer
  • Blood vessels thinning which can result in broken capillaries on the face

To ensure we are protecting our skin correctly we must use a broad spectrum sunscreen as this will protect us from UVA and UVB rays.  As well as protecting our skin from premature aging the Dermalogica Sun Protection Factors contain UV Smart Booster Technology which will deliver anti-aging benefits throughout the whole day!

How to stay ‘sun smart’

  • Stay out of the sun between 11 and 3
  • Wear protection all year round
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain moisture balance
  • If in the sun, re-apply your protection factor every two hours

A tan may look good, even healthy, however it indicates damage!  Speak to one of our skin experts at Radiance about which protection is right for you.