The Easter holidays are over and after a chocolate overindulgence; many of us feel ready for a spring detox!

Sugary treats and desserts are always popular at Easter, however they contain high levels of sugar which is known for breaking down our precious collagen and none of us can afford that!

We may have also enjoyed a glass of wine or two over the Easter break. When we drink alcohol it depletes the skin of essential moisture and vitamins. If we are combining our glass of wine with the odd cigarette the vitamins in our skin will decline even more; especially vitamin C which helps to fight off free radical damage that ages our skin.  


So what are Radiance’s hero products and treatments for optimum skin revival?


Dermalogica’s Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque

This is everyone’s favourite Dermalogica product!  This masque is a celebrity favourite and has been dubbed by Victoria Beckham as “an ambulance in a tube”.  This masque is packed full of vitamins and anti-ageing ingredients, which will treat all signs of ageing and provide your skin with a drink of water.  We recommend sleeping with this masque on overnight as your skin ‘feeds’ between 2 and 4 in the morning, thus resulting in smooth and supple skin in the morning!


Dermalogica’s Overnight Retinol Repair

This has to be the best retinol product/treatment on the market as it contains 0.5% retinol which is the highest amount you can buy over-the-counter.  

The retinol in this product is microencapsulated which means it will work deeper into the epidermis and make it more suitable for sensitive skins!  

This is one of the few treatments which will reverse signs of ageing as well as preventing future ageing!  This removes fine lines, exfoliates, brightens the skin and enhances collagen production with very visible results.


Dermalogica’s Biosurface Peel

This is the ultimate treatment for cleaner, brighter and smoother skin. Unlike some peels which can damage the delicate skin structures; this Dermalogica Peel is applied in 4 steps and designed to work with the skin’s chemistry, even clients with the most sensitive skin can enjoy the benefits of this treatment.  

The Dermalogica Bio Surface Peel will treat;

* Skin roughness

* Signs of ageing

* Fine lines and wrinkles

* Breakouts

* Skin Congestion

* Pigmentation/unbalanced skin tone


CooLifting Gun

This is one of the newest anti-ageing treatments that we have welcomed to the Radiance aesthetics menu.  This treatment is the ultimate red carpet treatment with instant results- perfect for a special event! With a course; our clients will see more long-term benefits!

This treatment uses a deep Dermalogica exfoliating treatment, followed by the CooLifting gun which is packed with hyaluronic acid and other fantastic results driven anti-ageing ingredients!

The high pressure and very cold temperature cause a thermal shock which allows these ingredients to be pushed as deep as they can into the epidermis- thus nourishing and stimulating the collagen and elastin.  The Coolifting gun will…

* Stimulate collagen & tighten elastin

* Increase blood circulation resulting in a more radiant complexion

* Have an immediate lifting effect like no other treatment

* Reduce deep skin folds & tighten

* Treat ageing caused by expression as well as gravity


Other aesthetic anti-ageing treatments available at Radiance are…

*Micro-injector 217

*CACI Non-surgical facelift

*Clinicare Microneedling


Call in or contact the salon regarding these treatments or products on 90600031