There’s no better time than night time to use many of your favourite skincare products science shows. Most people do not know it but the skin repairs itself at night time and there’s several reasons why many of your favourite skin care products will work better at night.

The skins natural antioxidant levels increase at night fighting free radical damage from the day before. The protective barrier of the skin weakens at night allowing for better penetration of skin care products. Stress decreases during sleep letting the skin more easily repair itself and the skin produces 2 times less oil at night than during the day.

Night time Skin Care Regimen

Many products can help rejuvenate your skin overnight and will work best if applied before going to bed. Moisturisers – work best if applied at night since they can more easily penetrate into the skin. Eye treatments – for dark under eye circles often work best if applied at night to avoid having dark circles the next day.

Don’t forget to make sure you get all of your makeup from the day off before bedtime. It’s also a great idea to keep a humidifier in the bedroom during the winter. And try to get your beauty sleep and get a good 8 hours in every day.