Gain a deeper understanding of your individual skin needs with a Observ 520 clinical skin scan at Radiance today!

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Modern technology is continuing to improve within the beauty industry; especially when it comes to skin care.  

Our expert skin therapists at Radiance are highly qualified in assessing what your skin needs via the system of ‘Face Mapping’, however we can only see with the naked eye what is on the surface of the skin.  

The Observ skin scanner allows us to go deeper and accurately diagnose skin conditions beneath the skin’s surface by using a patented technology which produces six different pictures of our skin which will instantly reveal skin conditions which we could not normally see by looking in the mirror.

This results driven technology will provide us with a clear, accurate and more detailed diagnosis which will allow us to tailor your skin treatments and home care with 100% accuracy to resolve any of your skin care concerns, and to treat conditions that are manifesting such as pigmentation, fine lines etc before they develop any further.  

Throughout your skin care treatments we will conduct regular observations to track and visualise your improvement to get the best results possible. This skin care programme is so accurate allowing our clients to see a vast improvement in their skin condition and overall skin health.

To find out about this revolutionary technology we are now offering ask one of our skin therapists of call the salon on 02890600031


OBSERV Skin Analysis and Skin Consultation £15     

(£15 redeemable against the purchase of a skin course)