We are excited to introduce Dermalogica’s powerful NEW 45 minute skin system which treats a broad range of skin concerns, including premature ageing, pigmentation, dehydration and acne.  13298157_485526568302609_26261345_n

This advanced skin treatment not only uses the most advanced cosmeceutical ingredients but will also be combined with galvanic micro current to convert these highly active Ion-Actives into electrically-charged atoms to enhance the absorption of these advanced, active ingredients.  

This treatment uses specific actives which will be used depending on the individual client’s skin concerns.

From Retinol for anti-ageing to Niacinaminde for acne; this treatment can treat all concerns.  

Each treatment begins with an advanced chemical exfoliation, followed by the application of the chosen active. Your skin therapist will then ‘super charge’ the actives with thermal activity using heating or cooling Gelloids followed by the chosen electrical technology.

Benefits of the NEW Ion Active Treatment

* Bright, Revitalised Skin                                        

* Smoothes Lines and Wrinkles

* Reduces Breakouts

* Improves Skin Texture and Tone