The healing power of massage has been apparent for many years, and now more than ever people are using holistic treatments to ease their aches and pains rather than painkillers.  If you are suffering from pain, whether it is temporary or chronic why don’t you try our new pain relief clinic?  We can treat a range of ailments from muscle injuries to sciatica.

You can choose from three types of session, with each session it will include…

  • 10 minute consultation
  • Deep tissue massage and/or reflexology treatment
  • Aftercare advice
  • Stretches/exercises to do at home



Deep tissue back and neck massage (45 mins) £30

Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour)   £40

Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology (1 hour and 30 mins) £57

10% off when booking before 4 o’clock on Mondays and Wednesdays