We have a new Fillers/Botox Clinic starting on Tuesday 14th June with our new practitioner Elaine.

Elaine is an expert in advanced and complex botox and filler treatments and works full time within this industry.

We are now able to offer the following exciting treatments within our monthly clinic….


Dermal Fillers to treat:

*Lines & wrinkles
*Lip enhancements
*Cheek enhancements
*Chin reshaping
*Non surgical rhinoplasty

*8 Point Facelift


Botox to treat:

*Frown lines, crows feet and brow furrows
*Gummy smile
*Lip/smokers lines
*Downturn smile
*Necklace lines
*Hyperhidrosis/excessive sweating



As our faces age we lose volume and that full–faced, youthful look gradually disappears. The effects of gravity can cause skin to sag, cheeks to lose definition and hollows can develop in the tear troughs creating that ‘tired all the time’ look.

Injectable Dermal Fillers are one of the most popular facial rejuvenation treatments and these are a highly effective anti-ageing treatment with instant results and virtually no down-time.

Elaine has an aesthetic eye and expertise with injectables, preferring a natural looking result that is flattering rather than an obvious and overfilled look.

We use Dermal Fillers specially formulated for skin revitalisation that work by improving skin elasticity and skin tone and adding hydration. Skin is instantly revitalised with a visible improvement in texture and tone. Dry, crepey, sun damaged skin instantly looks hydrated and more supple.


Dermal fillers are used to enhance the lips and create a fuller, but natural looking, lip line. As we age the lips become thinner and smaller, developing fine vertical lines around the edges that are a real giveaway sign of ageing. Full, plump, line-free lips are very youthful looking. We use fillers that are specifically designed to restore natural fullness and create beautifully shaped lips.


This treatment is a highly effective way to improve the appearance and restore symmetry without undergoing invasive surgery. The treatment involves using a combination of Botox® and dermal fillers to shape and contour the cheeks.


A great alternative to a surgical chin implant is a non surgical chin augmentation achieved with dermal fillers. Fillers are used to enhance natural feature and recontour area of concern.



The non-surgical nose job offers a real alternative to traditional rhinoplasty with little or no pain and results that can be seen immediately, as a little filler can give instant definition to the nose.



The Non-Surgical Facelift with Dermal Fillers

The 8 Point Lift is a specialised volumising and lifting facial treatment, also referred to as a non-surgical facelift or liquid facelift. The treatment uses dermal fillers to enhance and discreetly lift the face for a total rejuvenating effect. It is also known as the Fluid Facelift and the Liquid Lift.
The 8 Point Lift targets key areas of the mid-face to lift, contour and revitalise the whole mid-face and lower face.

The 8 Point Lift uses high quality dermal fillers to restore volume to the mid face using an advanced and precise technique for total rejuvenation. It combats the soft tissue loss associated with the ageing process and offers a more complete solution compared to individual dermal filler treatments.

The results last for up to 18 months and there is no downtime associated with the procedure – making it a very popular treatment.


What is Botox ?

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It relaxes the muscle by temporarily blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. This reduces muscle activity that causes lines and wrinkles. The cosmetic effect of Botox was first documented as early as 1989 and was approved by the FDA in 2002. It is now regularly used by many, both male and female, as it is less intrusive and less artificial in appearance than traditional form of treament such as plastic surgery



Botox can be used to correct dimpling of skin (creping) and deep lines in this area



Botox is used to redefine the elegant lines of the jaw and neck for a youthful, tighter, more contoured appearance without surgery. Injections are used to redefine the jawline and provide ‘lifting’ in the neck area.



A small amount of Botox will be injected at both sides of the junction of nostril and nose to mouth fold to weaken the muscles. Within the next 3-4 days, elevation of the upper lip will gradually become less and your new smile is transformed! You will be showing less gum and have much more confidence to smile without inhibition. The full result will be achieved 2 weeks after the treatment.


To book in for this clinic please call us on 90 600031. Please note a £50 deposit will be taken at time of booking.