Radiance is one of Northern Ireland’s first skin clinics approved to treat clients with Micro Injector.  Micro Injector is the advanced form of Micro-Needling and is suitable for all skin types.  It is a micro-needling device that offers skin rejuvenation by creating thousands of vertical microscopic channels into the epidermis, working with the body’s healing system to produce new collagen and elastin.

In essence, Micro Injector Lithium is a revelation because it penetrates through the skin’s top layers, and essentially ‘tricks’ the body, thus causing it to produce more collagen which plumps and smoothes out the skin.  Many skin experts claim this is the most advanced non-surgical treatment for anti-ageing in the industry.


What can be treated?

* All signs of ageing            *  Uneven skin tone     * Lines and wrinkles

* Enlarged pores                 * Scars and stretch marks


Micro- Injector                  Face only                             Face & Neck

1 Treatment                      £150                                           £175

Course of 3                       £400                                           £450

Course of 5                       £600                                           £700



1 Treatment                      £130

Course of 3                       £ 330

Course of 5                       £ 500


For clients who have body scaring such as acne scarring on their back or stretch marks; after assessment at a consultation, they may be suitable for CLINICARE MICRONEEDLING which we still use to treat skin/tissue damage on the body to reveal smoother, firmer skin.

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