We are nearly halfway through January and the memory of Christmas is starting to fade. However some of our festive indulgences are still present in our skin and body leaving us feeling bloated and not our usual radiant selves. Even if we feel we are generally healthy; there are many less conspicuous toxins which we cross paths with everyday…mainly in the form of free radicals which are found in the air we breathe. Other toxins can be found in our food and water.

What can we do to inspire us into reviving our skin and body health?

At the minute many of us are having ’30 Day Detox programmes’ thrust upon us. It has been evident in the past that these short term solutions do not work. We should focus, instead, on everything in moderation, skin health, and stimulating body treatments – the best being an invigorating massage to get the blood flowing.

hot-stone massage1

Detoxing Benefits of Massage                                     Achieving Optimum Skin Health

* Stimulates the blood flow                                              * Regular skin treatments, including lymph

* Reduces cellulite by dispersing fat cells                        drainage massage

* Enhances lymph flow                                                  * Regular exfoliation to speed up cell turnover         

* Reduces pain, stress and muscle tension                     * Using a multivitamin masque to make up for

                                                                           vitamins which have been depleted from the


Radiance Detox Offers

Wrap OR Scrub with Hot Stone Back Massage

£40 (1hr 15 mins)

Wrap, Scrub, Back Massage with Head and Foot Massage

£55 (1hr 35 mins)

Lava Shell Full Body Massage

£49 (1 hr)

Detox Skin Treatment (ask therapists)

£32 (50mins)

CACI Ultra (1 hr 30 mins) 3 for 2…save £68


Call in or contact the salon on 02890 600031 for more details