Let’s face it; most of us love the sun and over the years will embrace any opportunity to soak up some rays!

Unfortunately when we are younger we do not take into consideration the risks of future skin damage and pigmentation is one of the most difficult skin care issues to treat.

Age spots, also known as liver spots, are small dark patches of hyper pigmentation and can make our skin appear much older. Age spots usually materialize on the chest, hands, shoulders and/or face.

We know we can prevent future age spots by wearing a high factor sunscreen on our skin, but can we remove the age spots that we already have?

Over the years people have tried many methods to remove pigmentation from fading creams to more evasive treatments. Unfortunately most of these do not work, and can actually heighten our risk of future pigmentation.

At Radiance we are very excited to announce that we can remove pigmentation for good using the Cryotherapy method!

Cryotherapy is a safe and effective way to remove pigmentation and clients usually only need one or two treatments.

Another benefit of Cryotherapy is that it is not as costly as laser. Instead of using liquid nitrogen like other methods of Cryotherapy our Cryopen uses nitrous oxide which comes out of such a fine flow, thus giving us millimetre precision.


Treat 5 Age Spots, Get 1 Free!
Treat 8 Age Spots, Get 2 Free!

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