As we approach Halloween and are all rushing out to buy our pumpkins; therapist Carly writes about how we can make use of this super food in our skincare routine!


It is usually this week that many of us will be buying pumpkins to decorate our homes and to get into the Halloween spirit! We may even use the remainders to make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie, but as well as lighting up our homes this autumn plant has many fantastic benefits for our skin…

• Pumpkin is excellent for increasing cell turnover and brightening skin as it is packed with alpha hydroxyl acids and enzymes which eat away at dead skin.
• Pumpkin is also full of Vitamin A (remember retinol is the stable form of vitamin A), and vitamin C which will help to produce collagen production.
• Within pumpkin there is also plenty of vitamin E which is high in fatty acids.

We know many ingredients have some of these benefits, BUT the key with the pumpkin is that its molecular structure is strong, therefore when it is applied topically it will go deeper into the skin, removing pigmented cells. We are all aware of the havoc cold weather can play on our skin, pumpkin is also packed full of zinc which is anti-inflammatory which will help to protect our skin from the harsh elements.

The anti-oxidants which are found in pumpkins are also excellent for reducing inflammation and minimizing redness.

Many of the Dermalogica products we stock at Radiance contain pumpkin enzymes to enhance their effectiveness, so after you have carved up the pumpkin this year why not try mashing some of the pumpkin and mixing it with some plain, unsweetened yoghurt (rich in lactic acid), massage it into your skin and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes, after rinsing it off apply your prescribed Dermalogica moisturiser and your skin will be left soft and supple!

Call into the salon or ring to hear about our anti-ageing treatments which are on offer for the next few weeks and combining these treatments with this Halloween super ingredient your skin will experience the ultimate Autumn revival!