As we age, we lose tone and the natural elasticity of the skin. This prevents recoiling of the skin which leads to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and folds.

Botulinum toxin type A commonly known as Botox® is an anti-wrinkle treatment which works by blocking impulses to facial muscles causing the muscles to relax, thereby reducing the prominence of expression lines and achieving a more youthful radiant look.

Ideal areas for treatment are those wrinkles caused by muscle that don’t have a particularly significant function such as the crow’s feet the frowning muscles and the muscles that elevate the brow.

The best time to consider having Botox® is when you begin to notice that your dynamic lines (these are the wrinkles that only appear through expression) appear regardless of expression and form even when static. This usually happens in your mid 30’s, however it differs from person to person dependant on genetic and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, stress, cigarette smoking and other environmental factors. Botox® works best at this stage, rather than with deeply etched lines, which are more difficult to smooth the appearance of later on.

Botox remains one of the most affordable, fastest working safe and effective non-surgical, anti-ageing treatments available.

All Botox® treatments at our clinic in Belfast are performed only by the most experienced nurses as patient’s safety is paramount.

Botox can be safely used to optimise results with other non-surgical lifting and tightening treatments including Microneedling with stem cells or Duoblo HIFU treatments.

These treatments will complement and simultaneously tighten the surrounding skin as the Botox® serves to soften the lines and wrinkles giving you a very natural improved refreshed appearance.

Normally results will last for 3-6 months. This varies between individuals due to a number of factors including how long you have been having the treatment, age, gender, strength and size of facial muscles and individual response.

The results are not instant, and the final result will not be seen until up to 2 weeks after treatment at which time you will be invited back to the clinic for a review.

Price is based on the number of areas treated.