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Agera Peel at Radiance

Under the surface of our skin lies a flawless, lineless and spotless complexion. The most effective way to get to this new, undamaged skin is via a skin peel.   Skin peels have been a chosen method for thousands of years in the quest for youthful skin. Ancient Romans would exfoliate with grapes which contain tartaric…

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Hormones and Skin Ageing

In today’s society most of us are extremely savvy and well informed about what causes skin ageing, from UV rays to alcohol consumption, as well as the many methods to rectify these concerns.  One skin care topic which is less discussed is hormonal ageing, how exactly do hormones affect ageing? And what can we do to keep…

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Winter-Proof your Skin

Christmas is fast approaching, the days are shorter, the temperature is dropping down, and we are more susceptible to feeling under the weather, thus resulting in us finding solace in comfort food and plenty of central heating… Unfortunately winter is the worst time of year for our skin, fluctuating temperatures, less UV light, Christmas parties…

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