ThermaVein is a clinically proven machine that provides effective, safe and instant removal of thread veins as well as other vascular blemishes. ThermaVein delivers a very small microwave current for under 0.2 seconds at a time which travels a maximum of 1.5mm into the treatment area. When compared with laser or IPL thread vein treatments;.. read more →

25 Sep 2017
September 25, 2017


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Radiance is one of Northern Ireland’s first skin clinics approved to treat clients with Micro Injector.  Micro Injector is the advanced form of Micro-Needling and is suitable for all skin types.  It is a micro-needling device that offers skin rejuvenation by creating thousands of vertical microscopic channels into the epidermis, working with the body’s healing.. read more →

  At Radiance we are excited to announce that we have launched our own medical grade skin care range.  This new range has some of the strongest and most advanced ingredients available in the skincare industry.  Christine has been working closely with a pharmaceutical company to blend together the best ingredients to create an affordable,.. read more →

Gain a deeper understanding of your individual skin needs with a Observ 520 clinical skin scan at Radiance today! Modern technology is continuing to improve within the beauty industry; especially when it comes to skin care.   Our expert skin therapists at Radiance are highly qualified in assessing what your skin needs via the system of.. read more →

04 May 2017
May 4, 2017

Agera Peel at Radiance

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Under the surface of our skin lies a flawless, lineless and spotless complexion. The most effective way to get to this new, undamaged skin is via a skin peel.   Skin peels have been a chosen method for thousands of years in the quest for youthful skin. Ancient Romans would exfoliate with grapes which contain tartaric.. read more →